Easter Day…

May Easter blessing rest at your feet. May your heart be uplifting at the start of a brand new day. May this brand new awakening carry you through each and every day, with uplifting thoughts in your heart. May each and everything that ever scared your heart be washed away forever. In Jesus name. Amen.

Quote: Ron Baratono

Image: unknown

Holy Saturday…

I am grateful for these words from Jan Richardson. Holy Saturdays are always uniquely quiet. All motion seems to slow or stop. There is a strong desire for connection as the earth still shakes under our feet.

“On this Holy Saturday, I have been thinking about how this is not a day for answers. It is a threshold day, a day that lies between, and so resists any easy certainty. It is a day that invites us to make a space within the weariness, the fear, the ache. It is a day that beckons us to turn toward one another and to remember we do not breathe alone.”

For Holy Saturday
Let it be
that on this day
we will expect
no more of ourselves
than to keep
with the bewildered
of lungs that will not
give up the ghost.
Let it be
we will expect
little but
the beating of
our heart,
stubborn in
its repeating rhythm
that will not
cease to sound.
Let it be
we will
still ourselves
enough to hear
what may yet
come to echo:
as if in the breath,
another breathing;
as if in the heartbeat,
another heart.
Let it be
we will not
try to fathom
what comes
to meet us
in the stillness
but simply open
to the approach
of a mystery
we hardly dared
to dream.

Quote: Jan Richardson
from Circle of Grace: A Book of Blessings for the Seasons
Image: “Breath Will Come to the Desolate Bones”

Good Friday…

There is a gravesite I go to which is hidden. It sits in a copse of scrub oak, at the end of an unmarked road. There are only four graves: members of my family who died before cemeteries or electricity had come this far out. I go there to listen. To stand beside the brittle trees, beneath the rustling of their leaves. It sounds like the language of our people, the only one they knew. I did not get to know you, I say, but I remember you. Do not worry, they say, for we know you and will remember you too. The wind scatters leaves among the wildflowers where they are sleeping. I go home on an unmarked road. There is no death that separates us from those we love. Only time.

Quote: Steven Charleston

Image: Pinterest

Maundy Thursday


May we let go, and grow bright as stars in a clear, frosty night, the more we are stripped of what we thought we could not do without.

It is an evening to consider exactly what it means to let go, to be stripped of what we thought we could not do without. In the Christian tradition tonight is filled with painful separation.

None of us can imagine what it must feel like. To be separated from those we love. The heart pleads for release and return. We can’t imagine what this would feel like until the moment it’s before us. The disciples watched as their teacher, friend and holy one was drug away leaving them in shock, grief and fear.

The following days were filled with horror and deep sadness. and then a turn that shed light on all that was possible,

Alone, without the things we thought were necessity may we be reminded that we have access to deep seeds that have been planted, and bright stars that shine. 

Quote: Brother David Steindl- Rast

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