Wisdom’s beginning

“Awe is the beginning of wisdom.”


Take time to seek the awesome. As the New Year begins put this action on you calendar. Set a date for yourself. Once a week, once a month… it will be your time to discover and let the ‘awesome’ that you find teach wisdom’s ways.

Our world cries out for the wise to lead. In order to lead time has to be set apart for preparation and nurture, a practice needs to be established to seek and reflect.

May we all find ways to help create and  contribute to a whole and healthy world. There is no doubt – wise people are needed not just for political health but for healing compassion.

A new year allows a new beginning. Let us begin and share the beauty of our discoveries to inspire and encourage.


– Rabbi Abraham Heschel
~Photo – Pinterest (Mt Rainier. Chris Williams)

resource – Contemplative Monk


Creation continues


Creation, we are taught, is not an act that happened once upon a time, once and for ever.
The act of bringing the world into existence is a continuous process.
God called the world into being, and that call goes on.
There is this present moment because God is present.
Every instant is an act of creation.

Abraham Heschel, “The Sabbath”

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