on this day of thanksgiving – participate in hope


“All I know for sure is that anticipatory hope is not enough anymore,
participatory hope is the only kind that will work now.”


We are careful on this day — careful to do no harm. Careful to find meaningful and creative ways to express our love to people, so important to us, who we cannot touch or even be near. 

This has been a year aching for hope. We have stretched beyond our limits to find the gaps where hope can shine through and point us toward the future. This search is not passive longing. The hope we seek is discovered through our willingness and ability to engage in the world before us. 

No one dares describe this path to hope as easy. It is laden with grief and frustration. Yet on this one day we find ourselves eager to shine light on the good that we know – to share love in unique ways reaching through the barriers to touch the hearts of family and friends.

This is our way to participate in hope. Where light is needed may we clear the way so a gentle dawn can be seen.

We are careful on this day — but through this care we share our hope for a new day, safe and whole.

Quote: Barbara Brown Taylor

The moon does not fight

The moon does not fight.
It attacks no one.
It does not worry.
It does not try to crush others.
It keeps to its course,
but by its very nature, it gently influences.


Quote: Deng Ming-Dao 

convicted by silence


Correct with kindness and love
but also with zeal and holy freedom.
If you do not speak out,
if you do not sound the alarm
when it is needed,
you will be justly convicted
by your silence.

Quote: St. Mary Euphrasia
PHOTO: Igor Ovsyannykov

San Bernardino

Grateful for this posting, as right now – I don’t know what to say. Thank you, David.

Live & Learn


They know, I thought,
like the birds of Iraq before shock and awe
on the first day of spring.
It was said that the sparrows and songbirds stopped singing,
their silence heralding the dropping of bombs.

~ Patti Smith, Her Name Was Sandy. M Train

Image: imandrah-land. Story: Shooting in San Bernardino Kills at least 14

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Let there be peace…


I have been shocked at the angry and hate-filled rhetoric spreading through the politics and the pulpits of this country. There is so much focus on what is wrong, on drawing lines between damaging definitions of who are ‘the worthy’ and ‘the unworthy’. The words are becoming extreme and therefore dangerous.

We are truly ALL on life’s path together. Actions and attitudes will make a huge impact on the well-being of this culture and the world. Our dependence on one another is only going to grow. Our differences are our strengths. Be it in word or action or the simple offering of our presence, there is little time to waste, the world is calling out for compassion and care.

It is time to raise the standard, time to offer an alternative. It is time to awaken each day ready to spread kindness. One simple act of kindness plants seeds for more of same. People are paying attention – seeking examples of another way to live in community – a way of inclusion and mercy.

Imagine a revolution based on acts of kindness. Instead of focusing on the negative and the angry, begin to watch for the good in each other. Share the stories of what you have seen. Do what you can to help redirect the discourse. Help change the conversation and attitude as we work to regain perspective in our communities.

Everyone has some thing to offer. Encouragement and inspiration is all around…

Below I share an example of ‘inspiration all around’…
Let There Be Peace On Earth

from the blog: Work The Dream

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