Firelight Praise

a song for when you are lighting night’s candle

Light of the world, of endless blessing, sun of our night, lamp of our days; Light of the world, of endless blessing, we raise our hearts in thanks and praise.

Evening lamps are lit, firelight all around. Evening lamps are lit, praise the only sound.

By: Ana Hernández


Love will come

If in your heart you make a manger for his birth.
Then God will once again become a child on earth


We draw close and our hearts awaken.

A manger simple yet sturdy. Isn’t that what we seek in this season of Advent? We seek something that is strong enough to receive the promise of life and renewed love.

Isn’t that what these weeks before Christmas offer? They offer time set apart – time to focus on what gently holds our hope and calls us to watch and prepare a place for God.

We hope and listen. We prepare our hearts both outside and within, making room for new life and renewed love.

Reflection inspired by the song– If in your heart –
from the CD- An Unexpected Christmas – the Virginia Girls Choir and Ana Hernandez

Quote – Angelus Silesius
Art – He Qi


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