A wider world

The World I Live In by Mary Oliver

“I have refused to live
locked in the orderly house of
reasons and proofs.
The world I live in and believe in
Is wider than that.
And anyway, what’s wrong with Maybe?
You wouldn’t believe what once or
twice I have seen.
I’ll just tell you this:
only if there are angels in your head will you ever,
possibly, see one.”

To begin 

“If the angel deigns to come,
it will be because you have convinced her
not by tears, but by your humble resolve
to be always beginning; to be a beginner.”
[Rainer Maria Rilke]

Angel’s arms

A friend shared this song last evening. At the close of another tragic and fear-filled day I found great comfort in these words and beautiful voices. Thank you, Roger Hutchison (The Painting Table).

My prayer today – for all families grieving loss of their loved ones and all injured from the violent attack in DC, may they know the presence of love’s comfort and strength.



Ordinary People and Angels


I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise
Of ordinary people leading ordinary lives
Filled with love, compassion, forgiveness and sacrifice
Heaven’s in our hearts

In our faith in humankind
In our respect for what is earthly
In our unfaltering belief in peace and love and understanding

~ Tracy Chapman ~ Heaven’s Here On Earth


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