Let there be peace…


I have been shocked at the angry and hate-filled rhetoric spreading through the politics and the pulpits of this country. There is so much focus on what is wrong, on drawing lines between damaging definitions of who are ‘the worthy’ and ‘the unworthy’. The words are becoming extreme and therefore dangerous.

We are truly ALL on life’s path together. Actions and attitudes will make a huge impact on the well-being of this culture and the world. Our dependence on one another is only going to grow. Our differences are our strengths. Be it in word or action or the simple offering of our presence, there is little time to waste, the world is calling out for compassion and care.

It is time to raise the standard, time to offer an alternative. It is time to awaken each day ready to spread kindness. One simple act of kindness plants seeds for more of same. People are paying attention – seeking examples of another way to live in community – a way of inclusion and mercy.

Imagine a revolution based on acts of kindness. Instead of focusing on the negative and the angry, begin to watch for the good in each other. Share the stories of what you have seen. Do what you can to help redirect the discourse. Help change the conversation and attitude as we work to regain perspective in our communities.

Everyone has some thing to offer. Encouragement and inspiration is all around…

Below I share an example of ‘inspiration all around’…
Let There Be Peace On Earth

from the blog: Work The Dream

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