Against all odds…


So many times we find ourselves struggling to grasp for hope. Surrounded by a harsh and heartbreaking world and our own challenges both within and without, we reach for the roots of our faith, taking just enough to move us forward.
‘Against all odds’ we journey ahead. as described in Bishop Charleston’s reflection below, we face the tragic silence before us with hopes to share our song of faith. It’s melody is found in our acts of compassion and works of justice. May these faithful ‘songs’ bring light in places of great darkness with a sense of gratitude and an open heart.

You were born to believe. Even if there have been times when you tried to let go of faith, accepting doubts or disappointments as reason to suspend your dreams, you never were able to release that last spark of light within you. It is you. You were born to believe. Against the odds, despite the culture, through the hard work of hope, you have not only kept the faith but given it away. You sing the silence to song. You trust the love around you. You make justice grow. You were born to do this. It is your birthright. It is your calling. It is the part of time entrusted to your care. (Bishop Steven Charleston)