Actions in a broken world…


A broken globe
Come and fill our hearts with Your peace
A world in pieces
A broken heart
A heart in pieces
Come and fill our hearts with Your Love
There can be beauty in what is broken
And when the heart is broken many new things may fall in
Sending love to all who weep today
Sending healing prayers for all who feel broken
May we reach out and touch someone in need …

Mark Bozzuti-Jones (photo and text)

This world is broken. As anger and fear raises in volume, I reflect on a saying passed down for many generations. “Actions speak louder than words.” In this moment we have a choice. We can retreat in fear or step-out in faith to offer hope. We can give in to despair or reach out with kindness. Initially these actions may feel foreign as we work to move through our own fear and despair. Yet one act of kindness can draw out another, until the sounds of anger and fear are calmed by the echoes of care and compassion.

“Actions speak louder than words.” – for the sake of this broken world, let us choose to act in love.

Greater Joy

IMG_1327When we begin to believe that there is greater joy in working with and for others, rather than just for ourselves, then our society will truly become a place of celebration.
Jean Vanier

I see myself in the picture above. No one would argue that each step taken by this child equals the strength of a million men – especially in his young body, mind and heart. I remember the struggle pulling each leg through to complete one step. Even when the last step felt impossible, the person by my side gave the extra push by their own excitement and praise. Without that support and persistence, who knows what my future would have looked like. Out of necessity I have redefined achievements along the way. It has taken a ‘village’ of supporters to keep faith, confidence and hope as motivation.

“When we begin to believe that there is greater joy in working with and for others…” Words worth so much! To see a need and offer what we can. To listen and share the hopes of others. By doing this we are nurtured in a mutual way. We are united with a sense of responsibility and gratitude. It is easy to see a situation like this and understand the need for a supportive and creative community.

These words are against the grain, there is no doubt. From TV to self-help books and teachings, we are conditioned to always place ourselves as first in priority. Look around, how can we be drawn toward a life where we share our resources and receive the gifts offered by others? To make it clear, we are not talking about sharing what we have with “those people” out beyond us. The quote above by Jean Vanier speaks of a particular way to share and work — a way that brings mutual benefit for all. If any time in our history has cried for this type of sharing, it is now.


What can I do?


Many of us are asking — what can we do? at this time of chaos and pain – feelings more familiar than ever before, we stand in this moment challenged to hold onto hope and find ways to help. the world is large and our impact may feel too small. as always, it is one step at a time, it is with one person – one greeting or extending hand where help is needed. Be at peace

What do I have that can best serve humanity in this time of our need? When I first thought of that question I was a bit humbled. What can I offer? Not much. I have no influence or authority, no wealth or connections. I feel a deep need in the lives of those around me, but what can I do for them? Then it came to me: I can be happy. I can walk through life without complaint. Even if I hurt, I can smile. I can seed laughter out into the world, the simple joy of being privileged to take another breath. I have humor to spare, and hope in abundance. How about you? (the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston)

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