Spring Is Coming…

A Speed of Soul Thought

Yes, Spring is coming.
But before the buds,
Before the blooms,
In the clean, clear grey light,
The world vibrates
With muddy possibility.
May I be content to be now
To drink in the almost and soon
Here in the beautiful not yet.

Quote- Carrie Newcomer
Photo- Shutterstock

Diving deeper


Photo from Gregory Colbert
Photo from Gregory Colbert

“Perhaps the goal
Is not to spend this day
Power skiing atop an ocean of multitasking.
Maybe the idea is to swim slower
Dive deeper
And really look around.
There is a difference between
A life of width
And a life of depth.”

Excerpt From: Because There Is Not Enough Time, “A Permeable Life: Poems and Essays” – Carrie Newcomer


Everything Matters

“Almost everything that matters is difficult, and everything matters”-Rilke


The things we love the most will eventually take us to the crossroads and ask us to be true. I don’t mean that the good things of our life are a chore or burden. But rather, what we most love inspires and encourages us to show up as our whole self, are best self and our truest self.

Oh beloved, this is a gift, to have something in our lives, something so beautiful, something we love so much that we will keep trying, even when it gets hard. (Carrie Newcomer)

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