This day…

Be glad for today, this day, a day to live and see and touch and feel, a day to make things happen, to discover and to create, this day filled with sights both strange and familiar, this day of the everyday, the common and even the dull, spiced with the sudden surprise of difference, a day for magic, a day for wonder, this day, one more day, given for you to explore, given for you to enjoy, so that even if it is a day with hardship, it is your day to change, to mold and to shape, to offer love andr receive love, this day, today, a day to cherish just like all the other days that have flowed from heaven into your heart.

Steven Charleston

The colors of dawn

Each moment of the day is bathed in colors of its time. It is easy to be so busy that there is no time to notice, no time to join natures subtle transitions that make up a day.  

May we awaken to the gentle light of this dawn. May we pay attention to the subtle changes in the day’s color- a blessing of creation.