A Monday door

A Monday Door
Filled with light and energy.
Something we just might need as a new week begins.

Door of the day… (Paris, France)

Saturday door 

There are doors that lead to strolling and doors that open for gazing. On a Saturday it is nice to have a choice!!!

Door of the day… (Argentina) Pinterest 

Monday’s door



This Monday might feel like an uncharted path even when you have greeted Mondays for many years.

Before you… a day that may seem dull of color and too familiar. May there be a step that opens a new path just beside the one you’ve always followed. May this be a day full of texture and undiscovered surprises.


Image: Arches (Pinterest)

Friday’s door- Re-create

A Friday door- maybe time for a ‘walk’.
By foot, mind and spirit- may there be time to renew.
Time to re-create.

Door of the day… Campania, Italy (Pinterest)

Gateway — Friday’s Door


A Friday door.
I hope you find a gateway leading to a place where you can rest and refresh.


Door of the day… (Pinterest)