“By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist,
we create it.”



Quote: Nikos Kazantzakis
Image: Steve Bidmead

For more reasons than ever before…

Quote: Book of Common Prayer

the importance of wonder

Concepts create idols;
only wonder comprehends anything.
People kill one another over idols.
Wonder makes us fall to our knees.

Quote: Gregory of Nyssa (c.335-395)

Love over fear


I bless this day for the wonderful adventure it can become
as I walk through it with the eyes of wonder rather than boredom,
use every opportunity to express peace rather than irritation,
and choose love over fear.


Wonder, peace and love…
we act on each of these by choice. Conscious, alert and with intent, we move ahead – moment by moment- pinching ourselves to remember the world needs these elements to be well and for survival.

No matter the challenge, facing the irritation and fear that fills the very air we breathe is so important. Offering the spirit of peace and compassion will make the difference.

Take it slow. To live by example will change the world.