Gratitude for what I have been given…

We must find a way to replace yearning for what life has withheld from us with gratitude for what we have been given.


Quote: Kent Nerburn


Monday’s reminder


Take time to notice. The gifts may appear simple but they can be life-changing.

Happy Monday!

Quote and image: Becca Stevens of Thistle Farms


Love’s greatest gift…


All is Ready



The days are fewer. In preparation for Christmas – we shop, bake, create cards, decorate home and hearth, attend one last ‘pageant’ rehearsal…- and still feel pushed, incomplete. All of these details, important, and yet never-ending.
And all along other preparation coincide. These details are the call of this season – the work done not by us but for us. Breath, be still, and remember — for truly – All is Ready.

My soul magnifies the Lord!
All is ready
Stable prepared
Shepherds working
Magi journeying
Gifts are chosen
My soul magnifies the Lord!
A city awaits
Crowded and bustling
Stars are shining
People expecting
A drama unfolding
My soul magnifies the Lord!
The Lord is coming
To save his people
Mary’s obedience
Jesus’ willingness
Your gracious gift to us
My soul magnifies the Lord!

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