hope inspires

Hope inspires the good to reveal itself.


Quote: author unknown
Photo: Lukasz Llada


I want peace…

With little idea as to what tomorrow might bring, tonight I am grateful for songs about peace. The words speak to relationships- one to one, within community or around the world.

As I go to sleep I pray that there may be “shelter from this crazy world were in”. I pray for all in fear and who have no place to rest their heads in safety.

With gratitude to  OAR and the youthful hope found in this young choir, PS22- 

Choosing trust

Deep trust in life is not a feeling
but a stance that you deliberately take.
It is the attitude we call courage.

Quote: Br. David Steindl-Rast
Photo: Brigitte Del Grossi

It is night

The night stirs with news of aggression and instability in the Middle East. I pray for safety of the innocent. I pray for clarity and caution.

I share this in hopes that rest can be found.