Monday morning- rise


The ability to wake up to another new day — one with which we will surely need to wrestle and reckon, but one that will also teach and transform us … this is the unpromised gift for which to be grateful.

Opening my eyes is all it takes.

The light over the lake has just begun to reflect in a way that creates a sparkle. An iridescence that seems to dance as small wavelike motions gently stirs the lake. A site I delight in.

We never know what a day will bring. So as it begins, I try to be grateful for nature’s call to morning. Giving a few moments to focus on things we don’t have to control can transform the whole day.

Quote- Kristi Nelson

Photo by Torsten Kellermann on

The Friday afternoon door…


This is the bright home.
In which I live,
This is where?
I ask.
My friends.
To come,
This is where I want to love all things.
It is taking me so long.
To learn to love.

Quote: David Whyte, the House of Belonging 
Image: Pinterest

New Life, New Day



 As I began prepping my porch for spring and summer, I saw that others had arrived for another reason. My patio has become an Airbnb, of sorts. And I get to watch as this couple settles in to make a family.

It is a reminder… we don’t control everything. There is a rhythm in life. It is spring, and we watch as new birth appears far and wide.


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