Love of a mother

Mother's cupboard - out of the darkness comes light (Celtic)

Mother’s cupboard – out of the darkness comes light (Celtic)

The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The importance of gratitude


All the way to heaven is heaven.
Catherine of Siena

Heaven’s doorway


a good word on this Sabbath day…

Today is the acceptable year of your hope, today is the gift of grace given to you. It is now, here, in this moment that you will discover what you have sought for so long. Heaven does not arise in distant realms far removed from your reality: its doorway stands before you. These hours are poured into your hands like a treasure, they will not come again. Embrace the peace that passes between your dawn and the sunset waiting patiently on the horizon. Make this day count. Make it sing. Make it be the dream you first found in night’s companion hours. Steven Charleston

for the love of our dogs…

several friends have recently had to say ‘goodbye’ to their companions — their dogs. from old age to illness the stories are personal and heart-felt. i share this blog-entry as a tribute to all of the people i know (and do not know) who are feeling the absence of such warm and unconditional love.

All Coy-Dogs Go To Heaven

Coyote Sunset with Freckles

Coyote Sunset with Freckles

  photo taken by Mary Caperton Morton, a freelance science and travel writer. all rights reserved

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