Holy places – Sunday’s Door


Holy places can be found in the most unsuspecting places. These are places that feel sacred as you approach.
Do we go by these places each day without taking a moment to notice?

If the day allows, note your surroundings. What can you find that draws you as sacred space?

Door of the day… Mystical doorway France (Pinterest)

to face the wind


I have seen the Spirit moving behind the gathering clouds, with wings the color of rainbows. I have watched the light of creation split the sky, as angels pound the drums of heaven. What is holy is not what is tame, what is divine is as wild as a desert rain. Love is not a timid breeze, but a storm of change, sweeping the comfortable before it like leaves, blowing the dust off our ordered lives, challenging us to dare the elements of our own vision. What is holy is not what is tame, so when you stand to pray, stand facing the wind.

I Sing A Song…

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And one was a doctor, one was a queen, one was a shepherdess on the green –

I come to this day each year in quiet awe for all the blessed people etched into the heart of our faith. This heart is strong and ever-growing. Each year more holy ones move within its beating space ready to offer us their story. We are renewed and encouraged by their example and wisdom – these people known to us as saints.

There are many saints who lived long ago and then there are the ‘saints’ we have known in this life. Humbled, I name a few; David, Harrison, Cathy, Vickie, Mary, Eva, Sam, Sid and forever my dear Beth. Some new names and some whose memory remains bright. It is good to have this holy day of All Saints. For one day of the year, I rest my need to figure out the mysteries of God and faith. I start the day with a promise to spend time remembering each saint that comes to mind. Ever thankful for their presence in my life – bright examples of God’s creativity, each called to reflect God’s sacred light.

A day to walk with the saints who have gone before us. A day filled with moments of surprise and tender memories. So I put on my comfortable shoes. carry some extra Kleenex and start into the day singing:

“For the saints of God are folk just like me, And I mean to be one too.


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