Thank you, David.


 Candy is nature’s way
of making up for Mondays. 
Rebecca Gober


And flowers!! Who knows where nature’s offerings will arrive.
Keep an eye open and note the surprises along the way.


T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week (80 sec)

Some days just have to be called ‘Friday’. Fortunately today there is no doubt –
Have a great weekend!! (Thank you, David Kanigan)

Live & Learn

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Especially on Monday!

Sometimes things just are not as they seem (most of the time!)

Stay with it to the end…

Film – BOB
Creator – Jacob Frey

Monday Morning!!!

Some weeks require more bracing than others. This is one of those weeks.

Live & Learn


“Bracing ourselves for the week”

Photo: John Drysdale via Milk (Child and Elephant sitting)

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