Never lose hope 

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Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible. Rumi

The sun rises in the East, we have nothing to do with this fact except to welcome the warm rays. And when it rains for multiple days? We cannot see the sun’s arrival but we know it is there – dwelling in the invisible.

Hope is the nudge that gets us up every morning. Hope drives with us through the dark moments and is there to celebrate the light’s arrival.

I look for signs of miracles. Sometime they are bold and obvious, offering inspiration to all. Sometimes they are quiet and so subtle they can go unnoticed. The presence of a miracle can be difficult to see if we have already decided what it is going to accomplish. Its appearance can be very different from what we expected, yet still – it is a miracle.

Miracles call for hope. Hope can be the key that unlocks the invisible – the place of our longing.

Chimney Tops 3 by silicon640c on Flickr

Again, Hope


Never lose hope, my heart, miracles well in the invisible.


i offer these words to everyone touched by the tragedy at Fort Hood. we are all touched – exhausted, troubled, and confused.

reaching out, our fingers stretched from the farthest point of our arms, we grasp for hope. no answer for ‘why’, what can we do? together, we can find ways to comfort the grieved and we can search the invisible for the smallest seeds of hope.

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