New Year

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”


may it be so.

Quote: Alfred Lord Tennyson

Advent I- at the threshold of discovery

You have looked
at so many doors with longing, wondering if your life lay on the other side.

For today, choose the door that opens
to the inside.

Travel the most ancient way of all:
the path that leads you
to the center of your life.

No map
but the one
you make yourself.

No provision
but what you already carry and the grace that comes to those who walk
the pilgrim’s way.

Speak this blessing
as you set out
and watch how
your rhythm slows,
the cadence of the road drawing you into the pace that is your own.

Eat when hungry.
Rest when tired.
Listen to your dreaming. Welcome detours
as doors deeper in.

Pray for protection.
Ask for the guidance you need. Offer gladness
for the gifts that come
and then
let them go.

Do not expect
to return
by the same road. Home is always
by another way
and you will know it not by the light
that waits for you but by the star
that blazes inside you telling you
where you are
is holy
and you are welcome here.

Quote: Jan Richardson and Image: Pinterest


Noticing that everything is interconnected, that love and light exist amid the darkness, and that not all is lost, can nourish us on our paths.

Quote: Rose Zonetti
Image: Pop and Zebra


all saints


All Saints Day! How this ended up to be my birthday is a mystery but I always feel its blessings and Grace.

Many have come before me, creating the path I now follow. The saints of my ancestors are all around. My great grandmothers – I have memories of these women. Memories like short movies. I remember their homes. One lived in a grand Southern home with a huge kitchen complete with marble slabs to make candy and living rooms decorated with a tall grandfather clock that looked like a skyscraper. I remember lying in front of that clock, looking up and listening to the constant tick of time. The other lived in a cottage-style home with a big front porch that filled with students from nearby acting schools and a kitchen highlighted with the bright colors of Fiesta-ware. 

I see them in my life today, in my love for chocolate and in my own kitchen filled with the colorful dishes and mugs of the fiesta style.

My grandmothers and grandfathers, each of whom I knew if only for a couple years. I remember being taught to respect them and listen as they spoke. They showed me how people live with abundance and scarcity. They nurtured me as a child and honored my work as an Episcopal priest.

I remember their homes. One set of grandparents had the newest technology for their time. I would crawl throughout their house and lie in front of their closet door – watching the light turn on and turn off, turn on and turn off, as I opened and closed the door. The other grandparents lived in a home filled with the smell of corn and apple fritters. There were card games and ice cream trucks. I would lay in bed at night and watch my grandmother as she brushed her long hair over and over, her silhouette outlined by the moon’s light.

It is important to be still and remember. Many Saints have gone before us and now in this life, we forge ahead. Someday we will be the ancestors who others will remember as they move forward on this same path, extended.

A great thing to keep in mind on All Saints Day and throughout the year.

Another amazing woman, Monday


Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly…

On a Monday, not long ago, I posted about an amazing woman. Each Monday since then I have had that post on my mind.

It is Monday again. I couldn’t resist.

So here is another amazing woman, Frida Kahlo.

Her quote is quite personal. 

My feet have always felt heavy. It has always been work to lift and move them forward. With my motorized wheelchair, I can get to so many places, and yet the world is still so inaccessible.

As a child, I flew in most of my dreams. I could look down and see everything I wanted to see. I could move in and out of every place I wanted to touch. They were wings of a dream but through those dreams, I gained confidence and creativity.

So much has been possible because of those wings.

Quote: Frida Kahlo
Art: Sophie Wilkins

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