Monday morning- rise


The ability to wake up to another new day — one with which we will surely need to wrestle and reckon, but one that will also teach and transform us … this is the unpromised gift for which to be grateful.

Opening my eyes is all it takes.

The light over the lake has just begun to reflect in a way that creates a sparkle. An iridescence that seems to dance as small wavelike motions gently stirs the lake. A site I delight in.

We never know what a day will bring. So as it begins, I try to be grateful for nature’s call to morning. Giving a few moments to focus on things we don’t have to control can transform the whole day.

Quote- Kristi Nelson

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Treasure deeply…

When we embrace the poignancy and vulnerability that come with gratefulness, we’re reminded that time is limited and experiences are fleeting, so we had better treasure deeply what we have now and live more fully into what we know really matters.

Quote: Kristi Nelson

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a Mother’s Day reflection–take nothing for granted

Grateful living helps us to unleash our most generous selves
as we practice taking nothing and no one for granted.

Each year I am always happy to come to this 2nd Sunday in May. Mother’s Day has, for many years, been filled with moments of celebration. Each year my mother and I have come together for this day to enjoy its gift of memories and our life today.

Living in the same town, we have spent the last few years choosing her favorite place to eat and gathering with other family members to be with one another and honor her. 

This year is so different. 

Today, each of us sit in our own homes. Unable to share a common table or touch one another in love and gratitude. Half of our family meets the criteria for high risk in this time of the invisible virus. For two and a half months we have lived in the same town and only seen each other through Zoom or FaceTime. There have been many conversations concerning our safety and health. We have shared memories and laughter. 

There are times that this way of being is almost beginning to feel normal.

Today is Mother’s Day. A day to remember the unique ways each of our mothers raised us and to note where their influence is reflected in our own lives. I continue to be grateful and take nothing for granted. Our time is precious. More aware of this now, I celebrate and offer thanks for the gift of each moment.

Living like this does take practice. The practice of grateful living infuses energy – reminding us to pay attention to the details around us and the people in our lives.

Quote: Kristi Nelson
Image: Dave Mills


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