a Mother’s Day reflection–take nothing for granted

Grateful living helps us to unleash our most generous selves
as we practice taking nothing and no one for granted.

Each year I am always happy to come to this 2nd Sunday in May. Mother’s Day has, for many years, been filled with moments of celebration. Each year my mother and I have come together for this day to enjoy its gift of memories and our life today.

Living in the same town, we have spent the last few years choosing her favorite place to eat and gathering with other family members to be with one another and honor her. 

This year is so different. 

Today, each of us sit in our own homes. Unable to share a common table or touch one another in love and gratitude. Half of our family meets the criteria for high risk in this time of the invisible virus. For two and a half months we have lived in the same town and only seen each other through Zoom or FaceTime. There have been many conversations concerning our safety and health. We have shared memories and laughter. 

There are times that this way of being is almost beginning to feel normal.

Today is Mother’s Day. A day to remember the unique ways each of our mothers raised us and to note where their influence is reflected in our own lives. I continue to be grateful and take nothing for granted. Our time is precious. More aware of this now, I celebrate and offer thanks for the gift of each moment.

Living like this does take practice. The practice of grateful living infuses energy – reminding us to pay attention to the details around us and the people in our lives.

Quote: Kristi Nelson
Image: Dave Mills


Love of a mother

Mother's cupboard - out of the darkness comes light (Celtic)

Mother’s cupboard – out of the darkness comes light (Celtic)

The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A (God) Mother’s Day Wish

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.
Robert Browning


What a joy, to awaken this Mother’s Day celebrating the miracle of life. These two girls are the delight of many. Their parents in awe – too many attempts, too many disappointments – they had tried to have children only to discover yet one more reason why they could not. One more try. It was to be their last. It was to be their miracle.

Mother’s day causes us to stop for a moment to reflect on the miracle of life. Our world’s pace speeds us through days and years of special moments in the life and growth of children among us. This is not time we can re-create. On this one day each year, we are given the opportunity to slow the pace, look closely at the life around us (be they our own children or those we are blessed to know) and give thanks. While mothers are honored through prayer, presents and the gift of time, they have the chance to offer their own thanksgivings. No one said these relationships would be perfect or free of pain-filled moments but time set apart to express gratitude can bring healing in hearts and spirits.

On this Mother’s Day, I give thanks for these two beautiful girls, my god-daughters. Born a little over a year ago and ready to storm the world with their mischief and merry-making. May God continue to bless their mother (and father!) on this day of gratitude and always.