Simply Lent 31…



Justice and Peace meet at the café,
sit together,
hands folded around steaming cups,
heads bent over the paper.

They are not taking in
the news of the world
with sorrowing eyes
and the clucking of tongues.

They are instead planning their itinerary,
plotting their map,
looking for the places where
they might slip in.

Their fingers touch, release,
touch again as they read,
moving with the half-aware habits
that come only with long living alongside.

They have met, parted,
met again on countless mornings
like this one, torn and taken
by turns.

They put the paper aside.
They brush away the crumbs.
They talk quietly.
They know there is work to do.

But they order one more cup:
there is savoring they must do before
the saving begins.
They lean in,

barely touching
across the table for
a kiss that makes a way,
a world.

—Jan Richardson

Image: “Meeting” ©

(Blessing inspired by Psalm 85, NRSV—“Steadfast love and faithfulness will meet; righteousness and peace will kiss each other.”)

Simply Lent 7…

“Even in a world that’s being shipwrecked, remain brave and strong.”

So many words and moments lean me into the pain and unrest of the current war. This quote rings true as I hear stories and see images in Ukraine. May we use these wise words as our mantra during this time. And pray for peace.

Quote: Hildegard of Bingen

Simply Lent 3… (re-post amended)


“All I know for sure is that anticipatory hope is not enough anymore,
participatory hope is the only kind that will work now.” –

We are careful at this point. Careful to do no harm. Careful to find creative ways to express our concern with the people, so important, so vulnerable. People who we cannot touch or even be near.

This has been a season aching for hope. We have stretched beyond our limits to find the spaces where hope shines in the future. This is not passive longing. The hope we seek is waiting to be discovered through our willingness, our ability to engage in the world before us.

No one dares describe hope’s path to be easy. But we are all stirred by our connection to one another.

May our lives reflect hope so that peace may grow to cover the earth.

Quote: Barbara Brown Taylor

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