Soon the song rose


When you left us
I saw how the clouds parted,
rent curtains,
as you cleared earth’s
drossy smear,
and passed into a heaven
bright beyond
my wildest imagining.

Bereft, fearful, we
shut tight the door
against wolves’ howling
and waited for you
to keep your promise.

At first it was a whisper,
the sea-ward wind
prying loose our
weak walls,

but soon the song rose, until
its power overwhelmed us
with chords of faith,
and, afire at last,
we spoke!

Soon the song rose… it’s melody attracted people from near and far. From the quiet fear of abandonment to the brave expression of faith – Pentecost arrived.

It is now the time to speak. What energy sweeps down to fill us this day!!  The timing is perfect (as God’s timing seems to be). At this moment, in this ever reaching community known as the world – we need inspiration to speak out. We receive inspiration to raise our voices revealing injustice – to raise our hands supporting those in need.

Pentecost has arrived. Breathe deep that the spirit may fill you with everything needed to spread God’s good news.

The Dawn of Pentecost

This is one of my favorite holy days in the Christian calendar – Pentecost. When the promised Holy Spirit blew faith and form into a large group of people. This act of God was meant to awaken (like a lightening bolt) people who were diverse in every way. Awaken them to the truth that God’s good news was to be for ALL people.

The first song of the morning bird has just begun to trill. In a moment there will be an answer and nature will rise to greet the day. We awaken to a stir that will soon become a low but strengthening rumble on this day of Pentecost. It is a day to expect the unexpected.

Humanity attempts to keep everything neat and tidy, to claim knowledge of God’s thoughts and judgements. Yet this Sunday reminds us to beware of such comfort in our ‘knowledge of truth’. We are to stay alert for when the Breath of God blows through our pews, language is changed and ALL people are truly welcome. Balance tips as today’s Temple, closed faith circles, break open.

Oh yes, this day is about spreading the good news that our great Creator’s spirit still moves throughout the world. As we hear the story once again, listen closely for who is charged to take this news out into the far reaches of the earth. The story tells us that the work moves beyond the disciples and stretches to include a diverse range of people – those considered by the Jewish tradition unclean and outcasts.

This is an important day. A day for our times. In the midst of horrific acts and hateful words attempting to separate and divide, we are reminded of God’s way. A way that invites and welcomes people from far beyond and near.’Go and tell,’- this is what we hear today. Go and tell everyone you see, everyone who will listen – tell of a place that is open for all. A place of compassion and justice.

Welcome the cleansing breath of Pentecost! May it blow through our spirits and fill us with renewed energy and commitment. Don’t leave it in the pew, take it to the streets. Tell it to all who will listen. There is a place where all are welcome. Let us make it so!


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