Can we see the forest for the trees?

We are only as blind as we want to be.
Maya Angelo

Another evening trying to avoid the noise from our country’s play at politics. But like the dangerous sirens on Ulysses’s rock, I am drawn to this shore filled with harsh and dissonant refrains of egos and anger.

There is so much happening that needs our attention. So many questions about how our country has arrived at this confusing and chaotic moment. So many concerns about the unbalanced spin of our world. To see these problems we have to back away from the loud, numbing entertainment of our ‘wanna-be’ leaders.

Step back far enough to see the big picture. And then do something – act with compassion for all caught in the spin. They may be unable to see their own way out. Never ignore the noise, for it is designed to throw everything off balance. Instead find ways to blanket its sound with actions that come from clear vision and passionate resolve.

We must find a way to see the forest even when we are seemingly caught within the trees. It is a conscious choice as Maya Angelo so wisely warns. Our ‘blindness’  is so often selective. Pray that our eyes may be open into action.



Listening in silence…


The message behind the words is the voice of the heart. Rumi

It seems that I have had much to say recently on the topic of actions and intentions. At the moment it appears, we have plenty of examples in our world that warrants this type of reflection. As I read articles in other venues, I am aware that these topics are on the minds and hearts of many people.

Words are very powerful tools. They can build up or tear down. They can bind us together in security or sprinkle dust of anxiety. We find ourselves at a point in history when many public words are thrown around to create confusion and instill fear. And this is their intention…

Actions leave large impressions on those who witness them. They can encourage people to share goodness by example or carry anger and fear to their extreme. We find ourselves at a point in history when actions are rising in danger, giving permission for the spread of hostility and fear.

These words and actions appear larger than life attempting to destroy trust and community. It is the result of power and greed. We experience those with great power (a power we have bestowed) to tower over those who have little power (a position that has been forced). It is a situation that continues to grow as our culture is overwhelmed with the noisy distraction of talk.

So I ask – Where are the quiet places? The places that allow words to be used only when necessary and the heart’s intention is understood. The places where we begin with trust and build communities designed to care for one another because we believe it is the good and faithful thing to do. Where are these places?

Maybe this is the most important question now. If these quiet places are not found in obvious and welcoming forms then the noise that is dismantling our communities will continue to be successful toward its goal. Are we able to create environments where people can come to find rest from the noise and re-member the importance of trust and compassion? Can we help the great and the small not only talk with one another but work together to show another way of living and serving in this world? I am convinced it can be done and even more certain that people are longing for the invitation to act on the ‘voice of the heart’.

What do you think?! Have you found examples of this happening? Share what you think, what you know and where we can go to see these quiet places in action.