An adventure and a challenge

How hard is it – To not know exactly what is happening? To worry can make confusion and fear circle the mind and spirit.  

How hard is it -To not know where it is all going? To worry can cause a freeze as one  attempts to control something that cannot be controlled. .  

Thank you, Thomas Merton. May we take steps needed on this journey – brave and filled with hope. 

What can be done!


Every day we are hear about situations dangerous and sad. We receive “news” embellished with much drama. Many of the situations reported are truly terrifying. With the technology available to us, it is possible to reach out and offer condolences, coordinate relief funds in situations of disaster, and find like-minded people to share our concerns through social networks.

Yet, I wonder if our natural desire to help one another, person-to-person, makes those types of alternatives frustrating and overwhelming. The big picture is very important. What is happening in our world, across our country and in our states affect each of us deeply.

If we only focus on the “big” picture it is overwhelming and all too easy to feel helpless. Take a minute to consider what actions can be taken – our neighbor in need still lives next door. What is before us is where we start. By example we can slowly impact the larger problems beyond us.

Don’t let the big picture keep you from making a difference where you are. Compassion and care is never wasted. Like dropping a small stone in the center of a still lake, the ripples move far beyond the stone’s impact . Simple acts of compassion toward those in need and showing interest in the concerns of our local communities become the stones in the center of a still lake.

By doing what we can, with what we have, in the place where we live, the world will feel the ripples of compassion and concern. May these be the actions that help the tides turn.

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