All is Ready



The days are fewer. In preparation for Christmas – we shop, bake, create cards, decorate home and hearth, attend one last ‘pageant’ rehearsal…- and still feel pushed, incomplete. All of these details, important, and yet never-ending.
And all along other preparation coincide. These details are the call of this season – the work done not by us but for us. Breath, be still, and remember — for truly – All is Ready.

My soul magnifies the Lord!
All is ready
Stable prepared
Shepherds working
Magi journeying
Gifts are chosen
My soul magnifies the Lord!
A city awaits
Crowded and bustling
Stars are shining
People expecting
A drama unfolding
My soul magnifies the Lord!
The Lord is coming
To save his people
Mary’s obedience
Jesus’ willingness
Your gracious gift to us
My soul magnifies the Lord!

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Crossing a bridge to a new path…

I have been wanting to write for several weeks. Each time I began to write, my attention was redirected to distractions and details. Good intentions are often just that – but that is not how this season will pass for me.

This image of a bridge speaks to this time of my life. I face a time of significant changes. Looking across to the other side, I see the beginning of the path but have little knowledge of what will be “around the bend”. I did not expect to retire at 54 but my plans did not match the journey that is before me. Retirement comes for medical reasons – time to slow my pace and pay attention to what will enrich the quality of my life.

So this is about changes and choices — changes always bring possibilities. As I write tonight, I am preparing for a move. A move to the mountains where I hope to find nurture and inspiration. For support and safety, I have chosen to move into a retirement community. Barely ‘of age’ (the youngest age for entrance is 55) – I knew this was a good choice for me. It was a big decision. One that was not easy and often still hard to talk about. I dare say — many people my age who live with a disability have thoughts and concerns about what this decision might mean and if it is in their own future.

In the weeks to come I will write about this time of transition — the easy moments and the moments more difficult. I will welcome and be grateful for reflections and thoughts from anyone reading… 

Do we remember what we are preparing for?

Tomorrow we celebrate the third Sunday of Advent. The third Sunday — how has time moved so quickly? The weeks have moved at an unusually fast pace.

Advent 3 focuses on preparation. Oh boy – I sense a moment of uncomfortable redirection. What’s new about preparation? After all, Christmas is only two weeks away — there is so much to do! Family is coming, trees are being  decorated as gifts are purchased and wrapped to reflect in glitter the lights around them. It is all about preparation now!

Yet John the Baptist in his rough and blunt manner meets us tomorrow — this was and is his cry to all who can hear: “Prepare the way.” This preparation is of a different sort. We are to roll up our sleeves and secure all that might blow away at the arrival of God-among-us. This preparation has to do making ready a place for people to meet this God and know the wonder of God’s kingdom here and now.

We should not be surprised — this redirection comes at just the right time. Lest we forget our own steps on this sacred journey, John welcomes us tomorrow with a clear reminder. Take a minute to read this short yet helpful article about Advent 3. It comes from a great resource — THE PRAYER BOOK GUIDE TO CHRISTIAN EDUCATION

Prepare the Way (click here)

  • Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11
  • Psalm 126
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24
  • John 1:6-8, 19-28

John the Baptist’s ministry was vital for developing the climax of God’s revelation. The thread of Hebrew religious history had to be brought together to prepare a public that God’s Anointed could reach.

John was not the light of God’s world. His task was to enable others to see the light. To be such a witness, John had to possess forcefulness, and at the same time to have a humility that rendered him unaware of how forceful he was.

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