Bright is the day



“Bright is the day that dawns with new life, casting death’s grim shadow from the garden. Bright is the future for even the most humble soul, rising up in the arms of angels. Bright is the promise to all the Earth, sharing peace among the children of light. Let every voice sing this shining song, for we have been set free, we have been ransomed from our own history, given a chance to live again, to hope again, and to see the healing of God spread like sunlight into the rooms of time. It does not matter how you pray, this day is for you, it is the bright day, the birth day, the day when nothing will ever be the same, save the love that rolls back the stone.”

(with much gratitude for the words of Steven Charleston and the image shared by Todd Donatelli)

‘Now that’s a blessing’

(image taken by Marateaman )

Once the seed of faith takes root it cannot be blown away, even by the strongest wind.
Now that’s a blessing. (Rumi)

Seeds are planted long before their fruit is revealed. Young seedlings push with a strength given by God’s wisdom and delight. They push seeking much needed light and warmth for survival.
Light and warmth – the seed of faith is no different. Nestled within the seeker’s heart a seed grows through the care of practice, devotion and compassion. Roots take hold to secure faith, steadfast and strong, as the soul’s soil strains for water in the wilderness.
Trust the water will be found. Let there be comfort in the knowledge that ‘Holy care’ tends these roots and their growth, even when you feel weakened by life’s strong winds. Faith remains.

Now that’s a blessing.

The heart’s light


There is a candle in your heart. ready to be kindled.

A spark can bring out the heart’s light. Inspired by thought or prayer, music or art – it provides opportunity to enliven us with warmth and creativity. In turn this glow can be shared with others, spreading warmth and light into dark and lonely places.

May we find the places where our kindled hearts will bring light and warmth to a darkening world.

Time with birds

384038_308536565833218_683540658_nJust as I Suspected

In a vision I heard this clearly whispered:
Study most those who sing the most, but are free of criticism
and praise.
Following this advice, things turned out just as I suspected:
I started spending more time with  birds.

It is a noisy world. We are continually dodging words thrown around without care–all is analyzed. With little regard for their effect, opinions fly.

Is there a place where people live free of criticism and praise? Can this way of living be our own way to live? It may feel like swimming up-stream but it can be done – better yet, it must be done. Other ways of living are being sought out in this culture saturated with cynicism and judgement. We do not have to go far to see a different way – a way free from judgement. Examples are found throughout creation and are discovered as close as birds sitting in the branches of a tree.

May we be encouraged by these examples and welcome the reminder of our connection to one another, not by word but by spirit.

(a note of thanks to my wise and grace-filled mother, Nancy, who shared this poem by Hafiz.)