cloaked in stillness


I Am

I am, you anxious one.

Don’t you sense me, ready to break
into being at your touch?
My murmurings surround you like shadowy wings.
Can’t you see me standing before you
cloaked in stillness?
Hasn’t my longing ripened in you
from the beginning
as fruit ripens on a branch?

I am the dream you are dreaming.
When you want to awaken, I am that wanting:
I grow strong in the beauty you behold.
And with the silence of stars I enfold
your cities made by time.

Rainer Maria Rilke 

Everything Matters

“Almost everything that matters is difficult, and everything matters”-Rilke


The things we love the most will eventually take us to the crossroads and ask us to be true. I don’t mean that the good things of our life are a chore or burden. But rather, what we most love inspires and encourages us to show up as our whole self, are best self and our truest self.

Oh beloved, this is a gift, to have something in our lives, something so beautiful, something we love so much that we will keep trying, even when it gets hard. (Carrie Newcomer)

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