Time to give thanks…


There are times when the smallest blessing can be easily overlooked. With the rush to find the perfect gift, set a fine table and present a welcoming home, we often forget the reason we gather for these seasons. The pressure to prepare and open one’s home – often leaves one breathless, unable to stir the feeling of gratitude.

So I wonder – could it be that expressing gratitude and being thankful may have nothing to do with elaborate words or complicated actions? A simple walk, a quiet afternoon or a listening ear (even when the story has been told over and again) – these actions strengthen the bonds of love and appreciation between those we love.

This answer may seem obvious. Yet our own expectation and society’s pressure to create a perfect holiday setting can get in the way of making these important celebrations simple. After all, is it not our hope to experience the blessings that surround us at this time of year?

We have numerous opportunities to practice ‘the intent of simplicity’ during this season. But we have to think about it, to plan for it – even with the many distractions. Surrounded by the confusion of the holiday bustle, may you be blessed with time – time to take a moment and look up to the heavens, filled with its own twinkling light. And then share the beauty of the heavens with those you love – young and young at heart.