to see the stars

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.


from Gratefulness



stars wrapped in skin

Today is the Feast of Candlemas,
which echoes themes found in many traditions around this time –
new life, the first budding of plants, the return of the sun –
light and warmth at the halfway point between the winter and the spring solstices.

We need constant reminders of the presence of light.

We are stars wrapped in skin,

The light you are seeking has always been within.


Quote: Rumi

thank you, Karl Duffy @ Mindfulbalance

Cape of stars

The night is coming, gliding on the cool aired evening, unfurling its cape of stars, sweeping the last of daylight before it, spreading out shadowed fingers, bringing the silence. Whatever has been will be for one night longer. Let go of care either real or imagined, give in to the stillness of the mother moon, breathe in rhythm with the tides, falling ever so quietly into the arms of peace. Be healed by the night, this ancient sister of the sun, who calls you home, to hearth and haven, safe in the sheltered arms of what is holy, sung to sleep, where dreams dance till dawn, and angels watch as they have watched for a thousand years. (Bishop Steven Charleston)


Searching for the farthest star

Artist- Roger Hutchinson

Artist- Roger Hutchinson

Each year at this time I love to sit under the night sky’s canopy. The cooling fall air most certainly encourages this annual practice. Drawn to night-after-dusk, I can be found reclined in my wheelchair searching for the furthest star – child-like in wonder and awe.

I wake this early morning of September 11, and remember. This day, 12 years ago, we watched in dis-belief as our skies filled with pain and devastation. It was a day completely out of our control. A day when things unknown and unimaginable would change our lives forever.

This morning I look into that same sky, large enough to be filled with wonder and danger – I honor the many people whose lives were lost, whose hearts were broken, and who gave all they had to aid with compassion, prayer and strength.

It is September 11- a day to remember. The sky above is humbling in its vast expanse. I am grateful it is large enough to hold all the memories and prayers that will be offered like “…whispers that pass between the stars…” on this day. Let us take a moment to look up and remember all the innocence surrendered. May God extend mercy and peace.

(quote by Steven Charleston)