Summer faith…


It is that grand time of year. The time when imagination is released to embrace the wonders of nature. Summer is filled with free hours – when all that has been taught throughout the year has the chance to be expressed in play and exploration. Open time, different schedules and whole days to experience the goodness found in Cod’s creation.

In the summer we remember the importance of Sabbath time as we watch our children practice it with simplicity. As in other seasons of the year, summer faith calls for creative worship and quiet reflection. Nature is our guide as God’s spirit continues to offer glimpses of heaven in our midst. Be encouraged to stand in the middle of creation and imagine the story of its beginning. As we prepare to greet the longest day of summer, consider how to make that day special – for you and those you love.

I share with you a piece from the website, Building Faith. Enjoy this article by Genelda Woggon as she reflects on this time of year and the stirring of our senses… Barefoot Days

A Great Idea for Creative Bonding

So the summer officially begins this weekend. For all the miles driven during the school year there is equal time trying to keep peace and ‘enjoy’ the (somewhat) forced time together. Now the summer will bring more hours and more demand for creative activities as the roads lay before you.

Many of us have memories of singing as we rode with our families on our story-filled summer vacations. I share with you a great example of the fun that can be shared as these memories are created… Happy Summer!!

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