what is enough?

Fall floods have washed away the planks of the bridge;
shouldering our sandals, we wade the narrow stream.
I dabble in the flow, delighted by the shallowness of the stream,
admiring how firm the stones are.
The point in life is to know what’s enough –
why envy those otherworld immortals?
With the happiness held in one inch-square heart
you can fill the whole space between heaven and earth.

I give thanks…

Quote: Gensei, Japanese monk and poet, 1623―1668
Image: French Broad River, Hot Springs NC

Quote from MindfulBalance

Gratitude and the price of admission…

As I walked down the avenue, the late afternoon sun was turning the lovely and dying sycamore leaves into fragments of brilliant stained glass,
and I said to myself, “This alone is worth the price of admission to our broken and glorious world.”

What a perfect time for Thanksgiving! We have been thrown into a sea of doubt.

Give us this moment to realign. the gift of this Thanksgiving is time set apart to see what is good in our lives, what is good in our neighborhoods, what is good in our world. This we can do-  turning to loved ones,  turning to family,  turning to neighbors and beyond we can offer time to give thanks. Blessings this day and always  

Quote: Linda Larrson

To Share Thanksgiving…


A day to be grateful for our abundance.
May our blessings strengthen us to reach out and support those in need. It doesn’t have to be complicated, We all have that is needed to offer care and shelter to a world seeking peace, shelter and sustenance.

Make me a tree, Lord
Deep rooted
to those in need
to those who are weary
for those who hunger
Make me a tree, Lord
Deep rooted



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