Advent after Advent


“It is while waiting for the coming of the reign of God- Advent after Advent – that we come to realize that its coming depends on us. What will we do either hasten or slow, sharpen or dim our own commitment to do our part to bring it.” Joan Chittister, the Liturgical Year.

(picture and quote found – ACTS)

Easter is coming!


How long have we waited? 40 days, 40 years… the importance of this wait begins to fade. Distracted – we lean toward the lures of this world. Then in our exhaustion we remember – there is more to living than fear of danger, the hoarding of possessions and isolation.

In the still quiet of Holy Saturday surrounded by darkness, we gather. With the host of all who came before us, we await the coming of light and life. Through the practice of a liturgy passed to us from the early moments of our faith, we gather because we know the importance of waiting. We know that waiting does not mean passive living. No, our wait is filled with acts of mercy and compassionate work.

In the dark we join together because we know there is more and our hearts long for renewal. In the songs of Alleluia we remember – Easter is coming.

Easter is coming! (a video to be shared)

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