the freedom an anchor can bring

“May the cords that hold or ground us have enough give
so we may still run wild and fly high…”

a sunflower planted by Piper!

This is quite a thought, a prayer, a reflection! That which grounds us can often feel restricting–oppressing. Yet as I read, I am intrigued to think that once again it is all about perspective.   Just like the strong roots of the sunflower securing the flower as it grows tall, and stretches toward the warm light. Or that glass of water which we either see half empty or half full, there are always choices to make about the way we perceive the world around us and our lives.
For all the times I have considered the restriction that an anchor might bring, this reflection has been welcomed during a time of transition in my life. As change occurs and the future is filled with possibilities, I am grateful for the things that anchor me– my faith, my family, my friends, my delight in the quiet of an evening sky.
When the opportunities to “run wild and fly high” are before us, the protection of an anchor safely grounding us offers a chance to test the heights.
I thank the Rev. Mark for this perspective. May we all be blessed with the security to soar!

Mark Bozzuti-Jones

We all need anchors

A person, place or thing that grounds us

Love, passion, hope, faith, reason, nature or grace

Who or what will keep us from going adrift?

Hopefully whatever binds us does that gently

Hopefully the ones we hold dear we never suffocate

Hold us

Guide us

Keep us

Bless us

And God bless those whom we carry in our hearts as we pray they find the way, find a way

Ground the children in something real

Calm our hearts and restless spirit

May the cords that hold or ground us have enough give so we may still run wild and fly high

Knowing we are held forever

2 thoughts on “the freedom an anchor can bring”

  1. Hey Carrie – I love the analogies – very nice. Of course, thanks for the shout to Piper! I can’t wait to let her see that one of her sunflowers “made the web”! I too, am going through a transition of sorts, and find this post very helpful – thank you for that, Carrie.
    hugs – Linda


    1. Transitions are often the time we learn the most about our selves. Waiting for the next “step” is most challenging of all.
      Peace, Carrie


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