‘Wild pecular hope’


The day has come to a close. Throughout I have been reminded of people who have taught me so much about taking each day as it comes – enjoying whatever moments of joy could be gleaned. Weak, strong, brave or scared these friends have lived a life unlike any other in their generation.

These people are friends who lived with HIV/AIDS. Many have died and remain in my heart woven into the fabric of my life. Some have – against all odds – lived with amazing grace and vibrance. Against all odds… they have been living examples of hope.

Even though it is the calendar’s coincidence, this day – World AIDS Day – shares the weekend with another important day. Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent. The first day of the church’s new year and the beginning of a season set apart for us to focus on hope. Advent places us on the edge, alert and aware of a growing sound of new life – exploding with cries of freedom and enveloping the world with gentle grace.

Against all odds, the universe continues to prepare ways for the Great Creator to enter our lives at unexpected moments and places unimagined. We face a time when this encouragement is needed most. May we help one another stay aware and alert.

This entry was inspired by a friend and colleague, Dr. Jay Johnson, whose blog entry today was honest and hopeful. I encourage you to read it – all of it – within is the story of a journey both personal and communal. Thank you, Jay.

Aids-Advent-and Hope

3 thoughts on “‘Wild pecular hope’”

  1. There is an evolution in the medical treatment of AIDS and an evolution in the public’s attitudes toward it.
    The USA has thankfully moved away from the cruel early ideas of AIDS as punishment.
    There is an evolution of eternity that we are reminded about by your and Dr. Jay’s excellent thoughts and words.
    Like Julian of Norwich said “All shall be well.”
    There is room in the Crucified Christ’s injured side for All Souls.


      1. Thank you Carrie.
        The older I get the more I believe in
        All humans are formed in their Creator’s image.


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