Saturday prayers

Oh God hear my heart’s plea for healing.

Each Saturday morning, Bishop Steven Charleston uses Facebook to faithfully invite a sharing of prayers. These prayers are offered for ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors and beyond. I look forward to this time each week. There are hundreds of requests – many just one or two lines. As I share my prayer I also take time to read the intercessions and celebrations offered by others. When reading these prayers each person knows you have heard their prayer when you ‘like’ the prayer. As the day moves forward these ‘likes’ collect as support and care.

This is a holy gathering – one that needs no walls. Used through social media it reaches beyond one’s comprehension. There are people who offer prayers each week and others who may only visit once. Hundreds of people give thanks for Bishop Charleston and this gathering of people who travel together on this sacred journey.

Today is Saturday. While preparing to share my prayers for healing and celebrations, I am overwhelmed with my feelings about the fragile nature of our world at this moment. I’ve never known such anger. I cannot comprehend the violence and loss of life. I long for an avenue, a turning place, where all could find their way and know peace deep within.

Having done it for years I know how to pray for peace. This Saturday morning that prayer is offered but it feels small as it faces the massive turmoil and violence spreading throughout our world.

For this I have few words of prayer only tears of sadness and longing for an end to this violence. ‘Lord have mercy…’ will work for now. A mantra that includes my plea for healing and peace.

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